How it all began. The History.

A beautiful vacation near the ocean. Turquoise waters. Blue cloudless skies. The feeling of ultimate serenity, relaxation, and freedom. Then… the overwhelming wish that you could take this feeling back home with you afterward. 

This feeling is how Bee Happy began. Bee Happy is a bright new nightwear brand that uses different colours to impact the body and soul – all while having a little bit of fun. Forget “Grey is the new black” or “Off-white is the new white” – we are bringing colour to your life. In 2015 Bee Happy presents the first summer collection in 10 exclusively selected shops throughout Europe. The colour scale is at the core of this refreshing Mix & Match collection. Lifestyle sayings support the core idea of this unique nightwear concept. Bee Happy will be available world-wide for the first time in 2016. With fresh, joyful colours and modern styles, Bee Happy can be purchased to match any mood.