How it all began. The History.

Louis Féraud (1920 - 1999) was a talented artist and fashion designer in Paris. 

He characterised the Haute Couture of the 1970s like hardly anyone else. Féraud reinvented the image of women and had a unique signature style that made his creations unique. What started as Haute Couture in Paris soon became a global brand and a statement to femininity. Since 1976, Féraud has also been presenting exclusive bathing fashion and elegant nightwear, completing the homage to femininity in every situation of life.

in the 80s

Féraud launches his first bathing fashion and nightwear collection.

The sketches and prints have mostly been designed by Louis Féraud in person. Graphical, abstract elements and magnificent decorations characterise the look of the Féraud woman. Opulent shoulder sections in nightwear and high leg cut-outs in bathing fashion represent the silhouette of the 1980s - inspired by the Aerobic trend presented by stars like Jane Fonda. 

in the 90s

The more extreme aspects increasingly disappeared from fashion in the 90s. Silhouettes turned more moderate and the details less obtrusive.

The strong and characteristic signature style of Louis Féraud adjusted to the spirit of the modern woman without losing its elegance and exclusiveness. The play with graphics and colour remains at the heart of the collections. In the Mid-1990s, Louis Féraud withdrew from the world of fashion. He died in Paris, only four years later.

2000 to 2009

In the new millennium, the Féraud brand also represents femininity, beauty and freedom.

Opulence has given way to understatement. Refined qualities and hand-made details now play an important roles in the elegant Féraud collections. To this day, every piece bears the unmistakable Féraud signature style that has been unique for so many years.

2010 to now