How it all began. The Historie.

RÖSCH can look back on a long history that began in 1949 with a small business in Tübingen/Bühl. 

Today, RÖSCH is represented worldwide, epitomising high-quality nightwear with a sense of style. High-quality swim and beachwear complements RÖSCH’s range of products. RÖSCH has been serving the day and nightwear fashion needs of its customers since 1949. 

70 years ago


Textile engineer Gerhard Rösch founds Gerhard Rösch GmbH in Tübigen Bühl and starts producing and selling women's underdresses of perlon, rayon and nylon.


In the Mid-1950s, Gerhard Rösch GmbH expanded, building the still-existing corporate seat in the industrial quarter of Tübingen. The first large export orders followed, laying the basis for the international business activities of the operation. 


In 1960, Gerhard Rösch expanded production by dye works and equipment. He combined the entire process chain under a single roof. One year later, Rökona Textilwerk GmbH was spun out. It now sold knit goods as well as yard goods.

The company expanded in 1965 with another 32400 sqm for new knitting machines. During these years, textile engineer Gerhard Rösch developed patents in the textiles area, including Batistalon Nyltest, Brokalon and Veluralon, setting new standards in the nightwear market under the RÖSCH brand. Fashion is becoming increasingly important in the nightwear segment, replacing pure functionality.

in the 70s



In the 70s, RÖSCH expanded its range by adding bathing and beachwear and was able to further develop and establish its segment of nightwear. The cotton trend required a complete change of the procurement chain and focussing on natural fibres, as well as concurrent distancing from the previously used synthetic fibres. Fashion increasingly influenced the collections. The colourful and funky style of the 1970s characterised the RÖSCH look for an entire decade.

in the 80s


In the 80s, the subject of "Proportions" influenced the RÖSCH collections as never before. Emphasized shoulders, skinny jeans, bright colours were reflected in nightwear as well. Bathing fashion was influenced particularly by the fitness trend of the 1980s. Extremely high leg cut-outs were a must-have during this time.

in the 90s



The 90s are glamorous; the cuts grow more moderate and the colours calm down. The RÖSCH collection is known for its high-quality cotton qualities and brilliant prints. Homewear becomes a fashion subject for the first time - with Nicky as the most important quality.

2000 to 2009

RÖSCH nightwear follows the new femininity with flattering cuts and soft silhouettes. Bathing fashion plays with gatherings and refined accessories. Loungewear is a subject for the first time, and clears the path for flowing rayon qualifies and cotton mixes. The homewear look is clearly more leisure-time oriented and inspired by outerwear. Subjects such as homing and cocooning are essential for the RÖSCH brand.

2010 to today

Digital printing influences the look of RÖSCH nightwear. Colourful prints, refined placements and beautiful all-over prints determine the appearance of the collection. The silhouette is timeless and feminine, the accessories restrained and decorative. RÖSCH nightwear stands for high-quality night fibres.


With the new line Pure by RÖSCH, RÖSCH offers refined nightwear in elegant cuts and pure colours, following the trend of reduction. With FCCI by RÖSCH, the brand meets the sporty image of women with casual cuts and leisure-time prints. RÖSCH Swim & Beach offers attractive combination options for bathing suits and beachwear. Colourful prints will make you feel like summer. The cuts are moderate and emphasize the female shape. 


RÖSCH - The pure are of wellness.