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The RÖSCH Collections

Rösch – the fine art of well-being. These words describe the Rösch collection better than any others do. Comfort and high-quality details are the key features of this chic brand. Each collection has the perfect blend of luxury and freshness paired with vibrant prints, modern design elements, and surprising colour and fabric blends. This brand is perfect for everyone who wants to feel comfortable and look great at the same time.



In Autumn 2016, RÖCH is presenting a world of champagne, sand, and mocha tones mixed with black and white stories and fashionable indigo and mint themes.  This collection has a variety of monochrome styles, graphic prints, classic stripes, polka dots, downplayed florals, and modern fabric combinations.


Simple and stylish designs with small details give way to glamorous styles with pearls, gemstones, and lace – perfect for the Winter holiday season.

In the Mix & Match series, you will find a variety of combination options to make the perfect individual RÖSCH outfit that reflects your style!


Discover our newest label „Pure by RÖSCH“ with elegant styles and natural tones of indigo, rose quartz, and coffee – perfect for the Autumn season.


Learn the entire RÖSCH world with all of the different facets and elements. Timeless designs, cosy nightwear, and functional robes ensure that you will feel cosy in whichever style you choose – regardless of the time of day or the season.


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